Could Nene Hilario be the Answer to the Warriors Post Problems

By danielburt

Nene Hilario is an unrestricted free agent and should be on the Warriors shopping list for the 2012 (2013) season. I do realize the Warriors have zero cap space but I see a couple ways of this getting done.

The first thing the Warriors could do is a sign and trade with Denver. They probably just don’t want to lose Hilario for nothing. So why not do a sign and trade and maybe get back a couple players like Ekpe Udoh and maybe Andris Biedrins? The Andris part is probably me just getting my hopes up thinking that Denver may think they can revive his career. With or without Biedrins this is a possibility.

The second thing the Warriors could do is use the Allan Houston rule to clear some cap space. If the season does not take place in 2012, which looks painfully likely, the league will more than likely allow a team the opportunity to cut one of it’s players and have it not count against the salary cap. That would give the Warriors more than enough money to pay the man.

The other question us Warriors fans should be asking ourselves is, why would Nene want to come to the Warriors? No other top free agents have wanted to come here in quite a while. With the additions of Jerry West, Mark Jackson, Joe Lacob and Peter Guber the Warriors seem like a totally different organization. It is looking like the beginning of a new era here in Oakland. Whether or not it will be remains to be seen but I think players around the league can see the changes and effort being put into the Warriors since the end of last season. I believe in the players eyes the Warriors are not being looked upon as a joke, right now anyway. I believe Nene would want to come here to this young team that looks to be on the rise.

Since we can now see that it is not only possible for the Warriors to get Nene but also that he may actually want to come here all we have to do is wait for the lockout to be over and see what happens, sigh.

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