First NBA Labor Talks Could Happen on Monday

By Mike Santa Barbara

First off, I’d like to welcome you all to the new!

Now, let’s talk some NBA!

I know there isn’t much to get excited about with the NBA lockout
in full force. However, the first positive sign could be happening soon.
According to various reports, representatives from the NBA and the NBAPA could
meet as soon as Monday. The meeting will be the first between the two sides
since the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement ended on June 30th.

The major issues remain, BRI (Basketball Related Income), the
salary caps future, player contract length and revenue sharing.

Basketball related income will more than likely be the toughest
issues for the two sides to agree upon. The owners are seeking a reduction in
the players’ percentage of BRI, from 57% to 50%. Justification for the
reduction from the NBA is the claim that 22 of 30 NBA teams lost money in the
2010-11 NBA season.

What can we hope for after Monday’s talks?

Well, having the two sides talking is a step in the right
direction. No news is likely good news in this situation, as the two sides
aren’t likely to make any progress after only one meeting. The hope is that
negotiations don’t move backwards, which is certainly a possibility if neither
side appears willing to budge at all. So, what we can hope for is a positive
and cordial meeting between the two, along with the promise, and a possible
time frame, to meet again.

As an NBA fan you have to understand that both sides would like to
avoid what happened during the 1998 season. However, with plenty of obstacles
ahead, we may be headed down that path, again.

If the two sides meet on Monday, I’ll be posting my thoughts on
what went down and where they go from here. This week, be sure to check back
for a full breakdown of all the issues standing between a new NBA CBA.


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