Rookie Andrew Goudelock Has A Bright Future Ahead With The Los Angeles Lakers

One of the last notable events on the NBA’s calendar before the league’s lockout was put in effect, was the 2011 NBA Draft. During the NBA’s annual selection meeting, the Los Angeles Lakers acquired Andrew Goudelock, a 6’2″ small forward from The College of Charleston with the 46th overall pick. 

Although Goudelock did not attend a major school, the Cougar alumnus has a chance to succeed with Los Angeles.

I consider Goudelock to be the best three point shooter in this year’s draft pool, and he would most likely be placed at the point guard or shooting guard position. Either way, Goudelock would fill a major void for the Lakers. He would either become a solid point guard or fill the role of a three point sharpshooter, something that the legendary franchise has lacked for years.

Even though Goudelock is one of the best pure shooters that the 2011 Draft Class boasts, similar to Golden State Warriors combo guard Stephen Curry, there still is some room for improvement on the defensive end.

Goudelock is decent defensively, but considering the skill level improvement from the SOCON conference to the NBA, he has a plethora of work ahead of him if he wants to become a good defender in the Association. 

However, despite Goudelock having deficiencies on defense, he can still have a successful career with the Lakers and I would not be surprised if one of the greatest College of Charleston players competes for the starting point guard position in a couple of seasons.

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  • Sports Scatter

    Sounds good, but his style doesn’t seem to fit the PG position all that well. I’m thinking more of a small backup SG who could start for some teams because of nothing more or less than obscene shooting ability, but is probably better off staring as the offensive spark of a second unit. The defensive development is all hopeful speculation, but if he somehow became NBA average he would certainly be a draft steal. He’s also going to have to come up with a little more one-on-one sizzle.

    Best fathomable case: Byron Scott.

    Best reasonable case: Michael Redd.

    Most likely: Steve Kerr.

    Worst case: Washed out after 2 years in developmental league.

  • Styx29

    Forget about shooting off the pick and roll, this guy is a scorer. kobe called him mini mamba