The Chicago Bulls Should Make Derrick Rose a Shooting Guard

The Chicago Bulls are a team that’s going to be feared as Derrick Rose moves further a long in his career. I’m going to throw my opinion out there, assuming that this won’t be taken well.

The Chicago Bulls should move Derrick Rose to the shooting guard spot, and make a run at a guy like Chris Paul or Deron Williams. Let’s let the shock of what I just said wear off. Now, I assume there’s anger, and I’m going to be called an idiot. Let’s let that go for now, and just continue to read.

Derrick Rose at his best is attacking the rim, and making his teammates better. However, too many times- Derrick Rose was left the ball with the shot clock winding down, with no one on the perimeter to create.  That in my opinion was a KILLER for the Bulls against Miami. So why a shooting guard? Why take the ball out of his hands?

Does Derrick Rose remind you of a point guard? Or a guy like Dwayne Wade? An under sized 2 guard that’s more athletic than anyone on the floor, can out jump centers, rebound- and still create? I’m going to say Rose reminds me a lot of Wade. Wade isn’t a true point guard, he’s not even a true shooting guard- what Wade is…is a darn good basketball player…an athletic freak. Sound like Rose?

So what if the Bulls decide to get a point guard like Deron Williams that can create his own shot, and dish to Rose…whom can also create. Rose wouldn’t have to worry about taking 29 shots a game as a shooting guard, and I believe he’s unselfish enough  to dish when he needs too.

Look- I’m not saying take the ball out of Rose’s hands. I’m saying let’s bring in a point guard that can score, and create for other players at the same time, and take advantage of what Rose does best- score. Deron Williams does that. He can create and find Rose- than when Rose get’s his double team…Williams has the ability to bury an open jumper. Ideal.

Chris Paul and Derrick Rose in the same back court? Can you say fast? Sure the Bulls would give up some size defensively- but again…I believe in Rose’s ability to continue to grow on the defensive side of things, and you still have Coach Tibs who still is a defensive minded coach.

If you give me the option of Derrick Rose the scorer, or Derrick Rose the distributor. I’m going to go with the scorer every single time. So why is it so crazy to think that a stud point guard would hurt the Bulls more than help them? It’s not crazy. And if it is crazy- it’s so crazy that by golly might just work.

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  • Bee Cee

    So… Who’s he going to guard on D?

  • Brett Rosin

    Why can’t he guard a 6-5 2 guard? Like I said- he’ll give up some size…but so does Wade. Rose is an athlete, and the fact he can jump out of the gym- you can give up a few inches.

  • Wow

    This is a dumb article. Rose is a top PG, all he needs is a SG who can create his own shot. Why try to take the ball out of his hands when that’s what he is best at? He doesn’t need a PG next to him he’s fine creating for himself and others. You don’t need a top tier PG to play next to Rose all you need is an average 2 guard. By bringing in another ball dominant player you’re hindering Rose. This is a terrible piece real talk.

  • Brett Rosin

    Point Guards are supposed to distribute- not dominate the ball. Besides. Wade and James are able to figure it out. Why can’t Rose and say…Deron Williams? Unorthodox doesn’t mean wrong.

  • Wow

    Wade and James got by on pure talent. They are not a natural fit. They are very awkward at times and creating a lesser smaller version of that is not going to be any good. And Rose and Williams won’t work why have one of the 3 best PG’s in the league stand around while the other is trying to create. It’s silly and it won’t do either player any favors. Your article is dumb, all Rose needs is an OJ Mayo or JR Smith type player to be a release valve and secondary creator, the Bulls don’t need a primary creator.

  • Brett Rosin

    It’s definitely not dumb if you understand basketball. OJ Mayo- i highly doubt is the answer anywhere. The answer is to put the most explosive player in the league on the floor with an outstanding point guard.

    Who do you double? Rose? Have fun leaving Williams open. Deng? Not happening. Boozer?

  • Wow

    Yes it is because your negating Derrick Rose’s biggest strength playing primarily on the ball. It’s foolish to say that finding someone to take the ball out of Rose’s hand more often than not makes the Bulls are better team. Defensively Rose will be put in a mismatch most times. Now if we were speaking of acquiring a Eric Gordon or JR Smith sure but not another but not another high usage ball dominant player which Williams and Paul are. I rather have Rose initiate my teams offense and have another guard that can create his own shot and sometimes for others as well. The answer is a 2 not a one. And from reading this article I know more about basketball than you.

  • Brett Rosin

    And…as awkward as James and Wade looked- they still beat the bulls in 5 games…and went a step further. So it’s hard to say they’re a complete failure as a tandem.

    • not a moron

      They (wade n overrated James 8 points in a finals when did MJ lose a finals game let alone score 8 points but enough about the over related James)are not both point guards. Wade n James can handle the ball though. If we got sg that can handle the ball then Derrik Rose could give up the ball but still dominate all other pg’s. Putting 2 pg’s out on the floor at the same time is something the bulls have already tried (Derrik n Kurt H) n how far did they get against Cleveland? and when wade defended rose he scored less n when the taller James covered rose he was shut down so putting him in that position all the time only weakens his play. So yes you r a moron to think Derrik would just dominate a 2 guard he’s talented but now he’s not the best player at that position he probably would dominate half the 2 guards instead of dominating all pg’s. also why would you want the second best point guard when Derrik is the best pg out there(hence the MVP ). This is why you write a online sports page n don’t coach basketball you don’t have a clue. N to Wow right on bro you at least know more then this guy.

  • Brett Rosin

    Yeah- you definitely know more basketball than everyone. Your saying Rose wouldn’t have the ball- that’s false. 100% false. It’s about players buying into a system.

    If you truly believe JR Smith is going to be the answer- or that the Clippers would even think about trading Gordon. Your a little off. I’d take Deron Williams, Derrick Rose, Deng, Gibson (assuming they trade boozer), and Noah over…Rose,JR Smith/OJ Mayo and the rest of that lineup. Not to mention- that team would lose to my team every single time.

    I’d rather give up the inches defensively to let Rose and Williams/Paul run the fastbreak.

  • Wow

    You’re throwing outlandish acquisitions around. How would the Bulls acquire Paul or Williams?

    How would acquiring one of those two not take the ball out of Rose’s hand?

    Rose is a PG his biggest advantage playing PG is being guarded by PG’s because he is the most physically dominant at his position. Moving him to the two negates that.

    Yes the Bulls beat the heat in 5 games all of which the Bulls led at some point in the 4th Quarter with an injured Boozer and Noah wasn’t all the way healthy? I’ll take my chances with a SG not named Bogans and D.Rose as my PG.

    The article is awful. Your rebuttals are worse.

  • Brett Rosin

    My rebuttals make sense- you just have no idea what it means to think outside the box.

    Do you really think D-Williams is going to resign in New Jersey? Chris Paul in New Orleans? When they hit FA- the Bulls could absolutely be a destination seeing as Chicago is one heck of a media market. Not to mention they’re going to be in the running for a title. But yeah…who would want that?

    Problem number 1 of the Bulls. Lack of a perimeter scoring 2 guard. Lack of a player who can create his own shot. Move Rose to the 2 (like for example when CJ Watson was on the floor with Rose, I thought they meshed well) and that takes care of the problem. Which would lead to problem number 2

    Problem number 2 if you move Rose to the 2- Still not having a 2nd guy who can create for himself, while having the ability to find the open man and distribute. Bring on D Williams or Chris Paul- you don’t have that problem anymore.

    You immediately UPGRADE your back court offense BETTER than if you sign JR Smith or trade for a secondary player.

    Why would it not take the ball out of Rose’s hand- who do you think is going to be the main scoring threat on the offensive side of the game? Derrick Rose? Who do you think Williams is going to want to find? Derrick Rose? That’s what I thought.

    Is it unorthodox? Absolutely. If you don’t want to believe it could work- all the power to you. Doesn’t make anything dumb.

    Second of all- I’m a Bulls fan. And a healthy Carlos Boozer doesn’t win us that series. Deron Williams in the backcourt with Derrick Rose? Definitely a shot.

    • not a moron

      Except CJ played 2 not Derrik

  • Brett Rosin

    You can have OJ Mayo and Derrick Rose…I’ll happily take Derrick Rose and Deron Williams/Chris Paul. I think my duo is better than your duo…by alot. Especially when my duo gets in the open floor off a rebound…or off a turnover.

  • Wow

    With what money are they going to sign Williams or Paul?

    The Bulls need a SG. Derrick Rose is the Bulls PG. Moving him to the two, having him defend and being defended by bigger players daily is doing him a disservice and taking away from his one of his huge advantages great size at the 1. Playing the 2 he becomes undersized.

    The Bulls don’t need another PG on the floor they need a 2 who can shoot it and put it on the floor when necessary, moving Rose to the 2 changes the team far too much.

    Watson and Rose didn’t play that well together and got torched on defense. Paul or Williams isn’t what the Bulls need. What the Bulls really needed was Joe Johnson last year but that didn’t happen. I’ll settle for Smith though and I think that team gives the heat all they can handle without moving Rose from a position he’s played his whole life.

  • Brett Rosin

    I hear your argument- and it’s absolutely not wrong. I 100% agree with the fact the bulls need a creator from the perimeter. But there’s no sense bringing in a guy like JR Smith if he isn’t going to put the team over the top, and i don’t think he does. Which is why I think it makes sense to move Rose to the 2 and let him be the most dynamic 2 in the NBA.

    The under sized argument has been directed at Wade through his entire career. He’s on his way to the hall of fame. Why can’t Rose? Again- size isn’t 100% everything. Rose isn’t gonna be posting up on offense so going against a SLOWER 2…is extremely interesting as a concept. I think Rose is going to continue to improve as a defensive player, and eventually could guard a bigger guard.

    It’s never wrong to have 2 point guards on the floor- one of which could play like a 2. Are you saying that Rose could NEVER play shooting guard? EVER?

    My theory is 100% unorthodox…and 100% outside the box. It’s a crazy idea. But to just toss it aside and say it could NEVER work without really breaking it down even more so- I think is a mistake. I think if it weren’t even being thought about- it would be doing a dis service. If you can find a 2 that’s worth it- and could be looked at as a major difference maker…than I have no problem with throwing my theory out there. I think my theory is better than…JR Smith…and OJ Mayo…Jason Richardson.

  • Lol

    The bulls need a legitimate shooting guard. Why move rose when he’s already getting to anthe elite level at his position. You don’t have to move him because it will only cause trouble in moving process. Give the bulls a shooting gaurd with a consistent shot. Rose is starting to get doubled and all he needs is someone to dish out to on the perimeter who can actually make a shot when they need it. The bulls shooting was terrible in the playoffs and they need a shooter that will open the floor. Honestly your idea would work if you put Williams at the 2bulls cause he can knock down the 3 better and more consistently.

    • Brett Rosin

      I’m not saying 100% move him because he’s a bad point guard. I’m looking at ways for teh bulls to build a winner. Saying he couldn’t be an explosive, all star, hall of fame caliber undsized shooting guard is just not correct. If you can find that game changing 2 guard…great. But my argument is- that game changing 2 guard is already on the roster if you want to go that route with an all star point guard that can get Rose the ball.

      The point guard as you said “lol”- has to be a shooter. Period.

  • Lol

    Honestly your idea isn’t terrible. But rose doesn’t have yo be a shooter when he can stay the player he already is. Moving rose and getting another elite pg will be too much trouble when they only need a shooter to compete. Rose doesn’t need to get the ball because he really only needs help and someone to dish out to. The only reason he takes 30 shots a game is because he is the bulls offense. If you give him a ray allen type of shooting guard he will be able to dish out and become a more productive player because he wont need to take all the shots.

  • Lol

    Rose is already an MVP pg. I wouldnt want to move him to the 2 position for the fact that it might handicap him. I say just leave him at the position where he already has a clear advantage at and give him a player who will open the floor for him and remove alot of the pressure that he has. Rose carried the bulls throughout the season and in the playoffs but when it came down do it he had no help. If Korver had actually made his shots they would have taken another game or two from the heat. That wasnt the case since korver decided to brick everything. Rose clearly has the skill to play either position but honestly he is a good distributor as well, hes not a paul or williams but with enough experience he can get there. If you look at the gap he leaped over these past 3 years he could easily become a great distributor, and if you actually give him someone that he can trust and give the ball too he will get more assists and his productivity will become alot better. He wont have to take 30shots a game when he can penetrate and dish out to someone.

  • Brett Rosin

    I don’t disagree…I really don’t. I understand and agree with teh fact that the Bulls need more help on the perimeter. If they can get that special 2 guard that will compliment Rose and take the team to a championship level…I’m ALL for that. I really am. However- I think this should still be a possibility if you can’t find that guy.

    I appreciate all the feedback. Come back and check out the forum in a day or so! Would love to hear more of what you have to say.

  • Gooner_NM

    While your idea is a creative one I don’t think it’ll work. How many championships have been one with two players in the backcourt that short? It would be taxing on Rose or Paul or Williams to guard guys like Wade, Kobe, Ginobli, Allen, Joe Johnson, etc. and produce the same in the 4th quarter. The argument to acquire a solid 2 guard is much better. Plus you wouldn’t run into situations when you don’t know who is getting the ball at the end of games because both Rose and whichever other PG is playing with him are accustomed to handling the rock and even shooting the last shot (which Williams did for Utah). Miami has a problem figuring out who is the go-to option. Let’s just keep it D-Rose with added help on the wing and post. The Bulls aren’t far away but they obviously need to add something. Just not another PG. Our MVP is just fine at that position. And Brett don’t argue about who knows more basketball than who. It diminishes your credibility as a journalist who believes in his theory.

  • Lol

    Plus I like how rose is leading the team at the pg position and how it would effect the teams as a wholeif he wasn’t the ball handler

  • aquaadverse

    I’m finding these comments pretty amusing because I remember how fans were convinced the triangle offense would be terrible because it left MJ with less touches. There were more than a few fans upset the Bulls didn’t go after some massive size to use against the Bad Boy Pistons.


    I think that moving derrick is a great idea if you cant get dwight without losing luol. It all depends on how you do it. 1st it would have to be either williams or paul no else is good enough to go that small with. 2nd play them like parker and ginobili, 1 starts the other comes off the bench and plays starter minutes. You can go small at times and use both. Chicago has used noah and bogans as the passers while derrick moves w/o the ball b4 so imagine a future HOF & all star pg in that spot. as far as the ball dominance goes ellis & smith are black holes so why are they better choices. Yes a small backcourt will get exposed, but by who? Boston – Old, on their last run, Rondo can’t shoot, and Allen would be enticed to try and post up his man which messes with their spacing and no 3s. What happens if they switch and Pierce is on one of them? Then Rondo’s man comes to help. Orlando – If they keep their main pieces and Arenas doesn’t return to his 25+ ppg self (all big ifs) they’re still a team of Dwight and some shooters none of whom plays a lick of defense so their 2guards will be on the bench in foul trouble. Miami,Miami – People forget 2 very important thing about the Heat, basketball ain’t football, you got to play both offense and defense. Wade will probably dominate Rose but then he has to chase him or the guard the pg and score 25+ while being guarded at times by all the perimeter defenders with fresh bodies and 6 fouls. Bron will be in the same boat except he also has to guard Luol. Luol will use less energy on offense because he then will be guarded by Miami’s pg which means now you have to double Deng. Atlanta’s going to be in the same spot as the rest of the East. Who do you double? Either Williams or Paul are capable of getting 30 and 20 in a game and Rose has gotten about 50 w/ no all stars on the court next to him. Who We’ll only go against one team from the West when we make the Finals, and I feel that they will be in the same boat as Miami. Who else will have a backcourt capable of averaging 50ppg.