The Chicago Bulls Should Make Derrick Rose a Shooting Guard

By Living Baseball

The Chicago Bulls are a team that’s going to be feared as Derrick Rose moves further a long in his career. I’m going to throw my opinion out there, assuming that this won’t be taken well.

The Chicago Bulls should move Derrick Rose to the shooting guard spot, and make a run at a guy like Chris Paul or Deron Williams. Let’s let the shock of what I just said wear off. Now, I assume there’s anger, and I’m going to be called an idiot. Let’s let that go for now, and just continue to read.

Derrick Rose at his best is attacking the rim, and making his teammates better. However, too many times- Derrick Rose was left the ball with the shot clock winding down, with no one on the perimeter to create.  That in my opinion was a KILLER for the Bulls against Miami. So why a shooting guard? Why take the ball out of his hands?

Does Derrick Rose remind you of a point guard? Or a guy like Dwayne Wade? An under sized 2 guard that’s more athletic than anyone on the floor, can out jump centers, rebound- and still create? I’m going to say Rose reminds me a lot of Wade. Wade isn’t a true point guard, he’s not even a true shooting guard- what Wade is…is a darn good basketball player…an athletic freak. Sound like Rose?

So what if the Bulls decide to get a point guard like Deron Williams that can create his own shot, and dish to Rose…whom can also create. Rose wouldn’t have to worry about taking 29 shots a game as a shooting guard, and I believe he’s unselfish enough  to dish when he needs too.

Look- I’m not saying take the ball out of Rose’s hands. I’m saying let’s bring in a point guard that can score, and create for other players at the same time, and take advantage of what Rose does best- score. Deron Williams does that. He can create and find Rose- than when Rose get’s his double team…Williams has the ability to bury an open jumper. Ideal.

Chris Paul and Derrick Rose in the same back court? Can you say fast? Sure the Bulls would give up some size defensively- but again…I believe in Rose’s ability to continue to grow on the defensive side of things, and you still have Coach Tibs who still is a defensive minded coach.

If you give me the option of Derrick Rose the scorer, or Derrick Rose the distributor. I’m going to go with the scorer every single time. So why is it so crazy to think that a stud point guard would hurt the Bulls more than help them? It’s not crazy. And if it is crazy- it’s so crazy that by golly might just work.

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