Joakim Noah is a Post Game Away From Being a Dominant Chicago Bulls Center

By Living Baseball

I want to come out and say right now that I was the only one out of my group of friends that LOVED it when the Bulls drafted Joakim Noah. Everyone else? Upset. Unhappy. Ticked off. Let me say, it was a LONG couple years at first, but I stuck by my theory that Joakim Noah’s motor was going to carry the Bulls front court.

What doesn’t Joakim do well? Well…the only thing I can think of really is no post game presence. Look- that doesn’t mean I’m saying let’s add a 13 foot jumper to his game, what I’m saying is- let’s get him working on his hook shots, and his consistency at finishing around the basket. If he were an option to go to on the block, how much better are the Bulls? I believe they’re ALOT better if Joakim Noah can develop that part of his game.

Joakim is an outstanding defender. He runs the floor as well as any big in the league, and his ability to keep rebounds alive, and give the Bulls multiple chances at scoring on any given possession is a huge lift for a team that didn’t really shoot it particularly well at times last year. You can even make an argument that Joakim is one of the best centers in the league already. Although I’m not going to jump on that argument just yet. Joakim is definitely a great asset, and a guy that’s probably in the top 10, but a post presence? THAT would put him in the top 5. THAT would put him in the category of an all star center. THAT would help the Bulls more than ever. Forcing a double down on both Boozer AND Noah? Yes please.

I strongly believe that Joakim Noah is going to be able to add this to his game. Since he came into the league, he’s done everything that was asked. He’s gotten stronger/bigger, he’s continuously improved his game on the defensive end of the game. He’s blocked some shots. He’s ran the floor. He took his suspension (imposed by the team when he had an outburst towards an assistant coach a few years ago) like a man and there hasn’t been a problem that we know of since. He’s grown up and matured more since he came into the league. He wants to be great, and he knows that this is holding him back. I expect him to come back next year as an offensive weapon.

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