Yo Mike Beasley, Chill!

By Camron Smith


 Two days after Kevin Durant baptized defenders throughout New York City, his childhood friend Michael Beasley created his own energy inside of Dyckman Park. It wasn’t a high scoring performance like Durant’s, and no, Beasley didn’t cock back and dunk on a courageous amateur that doesn’t know any better.

 Instead, the Minnesota Timberwolves forward got into a war of words with a sideline spectator that ended in “The Mush Felt ‘Round The World”!

 If you’ve ever attended a Pro-Am game in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia or Baltimore, sometimes the entertainment can come from spectators in the crowd. These people want to make a name for themselves and love to “heckle” or “talk trash” to whoever is doing damage on the court. In this case, Michael Beasley was the target.

 Beasley, all ready agitated, decided to silence his critic physically. After the incident, fans were cleared off the court and play resumed. Facing Durant, who played for Team Nike, Beasley suited up for Team 914 and dropped a modest 19 points. In the end, Team Nike prevailed with an 80 – 77 win.

  Watch as Beasley unleashes, “The Mush Felt ‘Round The World”! (Peep the video below)


Video: Michael Beasley Exercising His Hand Skills


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