Chris Mullin to the Hall of Fame

By danielburt

Last Friday Chris Mullin finally got his due and was honored for being one of the best ever in the game of basketball. I could not be more excited for Chirs. Growing up he was always my favorite Warrior. So needless to say he was my hero in the basketball world. With his deadly outside shot and quick hands under the rim I used his abilities as a measure for my own growth as a basketball player.

I just wish the Warriors and Chris Mullin would have ended on better terms during his run in the Warriors front office. Recently I have heard some rumblings and grumblings that Mullin might be coming back to work with the organization now that all those who wronged him are gone. That isn’t to say Mullin didn’t make some bad moves but he surely didn’t get his due for all his good moves. Obviously as a fan I would love to see the two reunited as Mullin should always be a Warriors in one way or another.

Either way, congratulations on your inductions into the Hall of Fame Mr. Mullin!

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