Kobe Bryant Injures Man at Church: Lawsuit Coming?

By Living Baseball

The Los Angeles Lakers have been in the news quite a bit this offseason. Kobe Bryant has now decided it was his turn at being a headline. Although, I bet he wish it was for something a little more positive. Bryant has been accused of grabbing a man’s wrist, and taking away his cell phone after Bryant thought the man was taking pictures of him at church. Bryant later returned the phone and apologized after he realized that there were no pictures of him. The man had to go to the ER for an apparent wrist injury, and in my opinion will file a lawsuit against Kobe because that’s what people do now a days.

First of all- Kobe! What are you thinking man! Come on bro, you’re at church and that’s how you act? Even if he was taking pictures of you- so what! Did that harm you in any way? I hate to tell you, but you’re a national figure. People look up to you, people want to remember that they saw you…that’s the way it is. If you aren’t prepared to accept that….it’s time to retire and go into hiding. I’ve never heard of something like this happening at Church…but why am I not 100% shocked?

And for the idiot who “hurt his wrist”- GIVE ME A BREAK. Granted, Kobe had no right to touch you…but if that hurt your wrist…I will recommend you drink some more milk or eat some vitamins. This is nothing more than an attempt to get rich quick and I assume you’ll milk it for it’s worth. An apology from Kobe and him covering you’re xray should be plenty enough. Unless there’s broken bones, torn ligaments, or a dislocation- you probably had no reason to go to the ER and waste time and money. Since it’s Kobe Bryant though- might as well right?

Remind to stay away from church for awhile.

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