Kobe Bryant, For The Win....Bueno! (Video)

By Camron Smith

While NBPA president Billy Hunter met with players’ association president Derek Fisher and almost 60 current NBA players Tuesday in Los Angeles, Kobe Bryant attended a different meeting later on that day in the same city.

Never hesitant to play against the best competition around the world, Bryant blessed the fans at the Drew League with an array of expertise moves that resulted in 45 points and a game winning jumper. Yes ladies and gentlemen, its another tale of an NBA superstar being a bully against helpless defenders on the court.

It’s an NBA Lockout, so if your tired of watching redundant Hardwood Classics on NBATV, I advise you to engulf  this video with your eyes of Kobe Bryant being Kobe Bryant. Besides, who doesn’t like game winning shots?

Kobe Bryant and his game winner at the Drew League

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