Georgetown Brawl has me Worried About Overseas Warriors Players

By danielburt

With some Warriors players contemplating playing overseas this season, this Georgetown incident has me worried. I have already expressed my concern about players from other countries taking cheap shots and injuring players from our beloved Warriors. This incident just shows how real that possibility is.

I am not saying the Chinese players were totally at fault for the brawl. I was not watching the game. I am not saying overseas players are dirty. What I am saying is people are people and some of them have tempers. Maybe some of them dreamed of playing in the NBA and have a chip their that they never did so they have a little extra fire in their belly when it comes to playing against our pro’s. So when one of them has a breakaway dunk maybe that player will decide to commit a hard foul and accidentally take out his legs causing a player to blowout his knee.

I am also not saying something like this couldn’t happen in the NBA. It obviously could but that’s the league these players are under contract to play in.

This is just a situation that could happen and a player could get hurt. I view it the same as I do a player riding a motorcycle and getting hurt. They are putting themselves in a position to possibly get hurt and it’s a position they could have avoided.

I do understand why the players are doing it but I just don’t like it.

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