Tim Hardaway Goes From No Way to Pro Gay

By danielburt

Several years ago the Warriors former point guard came out as a homophobe, who was proud of it. Recently Tim Hardaway has a change of heart. Tim has been speaking out on behalf of the LGBT community. Tim Hardaway explains that he opened his eyes and got counseling for his problems.

This is a great move for Tim Hardaway as a person and I was very happy to read about his recent trip to El Paso, Texas where he is opposing the recall of three politicians because of their stance on gay rights.

Hardaway’s stance, I think, has cost him some love loss between himself and Golden State Warriors fans. Coming from the bay area it is impossible to have those thoughts about gay rights and expect to be accepted by such a large group of people. So with these recent changes by Hardaway I can only hope the healing between him and us Warriors fans can start. I know we all would love to welcome him back into our Warriors family.

Good for you Tim Hardaway. Please keep spreading the word.

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