Charles Barkley Advises Derrick Rose Not to Play in China

By Living Baseball

Derrick Rose has Charles Barkley in his ear. Interesting that sir Charles is giving life advice, but this time- it makes some sense. Barkley has advised Derrick Rose not to go play over seas if the lock out goes as long as anticipated.

Why? Because D Rose could get hurt. I completely understand why Barkley would want to tell Rose to stay, but is it his place? I don’t think so. Athletes play their sport because they love it- not the money. D Rose has already made multi million dollars playing basketball- and he’s in his early 20’s. Money should NEVER be a factor again if he’s smart about it so even if he gets hurt in China- what’s it matter? He could get hurt in the NBA…the risk is wall over…not just over seas.

If Derrick Rose wants to go over seas to play basketball- he should. He loves the game, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not all about the money all the time- and playing basketball will allow Rose to continue working on his game. He’ll be able to work on his defense and his jump shooting in live competition and he’ll be better off for it. Going over seas and experiencing the culture of another country I believe will help mature Rose even more than he is- and upon his return to the Bulls…he’ll be a better player…and a better person.

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