Boston Celtics Danny Ainge Not Looking At Larry Brown: This Is A Mistake

By Rob Nelson

The facts are very easy to see about this Boston Celtics
team in 2011-2012. The Celtics are a veteran group that has title aspirations.
These guys are veterans that have seen it all and need to be challenged in
order to keep their focus razor sharp. This means that the team should be
looking for a veteran defensive coordinator/ bench coach to round out Doc
Rivers’s coaching staff. However, Ainge went a different route and promoted
from within. This is a mistake. Ainge should have added the veteran task master
Larry brown to the staff.

Now I
realize that everybody needs to get a start somewhere. I know Tommy Thibs was
at one time Mike Longabardi. I realize that Brown himself was once Jamie Young.
My issue is Boston is trying to win right now. This means that lining up the
coaching staff with guys breaking in is not a great idea. Yes, that is great
motivation, but I want the known rather than the unknown. I want a guy like
Lawrence Frank that I know is a great coach and can get the team motivated and
excited for the defensive schemes. Tommy Thibs was a great coach, but even he
had trouble in 2010 getting this group motivated. What are these new guys going
to do without the cache that Thibs or even Lawrence Frank had? Guys like KG,
Pierce, and Rondo will eat Longabardi and Young alive if he is not on top of
his game at every moment.

A guy like Larry Brown would have
been perfect. The man has an NBA title and a ton of success in the NBA. The man
commands respect from every player either veteran or rookie.  Brown also is a defensive genius. Every team
that he graced with his presence from Indiana to Charlotte became a tough,
physical, and stifling defense. The Celtics are already that kind of team and
Brown could have enhanced that.

After next season depending on the
roster, the Celtics could have gone the internal route. It is not like Larry
Brown stays anywhere that long. This Celtics group has one last run left. I
want the experienced driver that gives the team the best chance to win. Ainge
did not do go this route. I hope it does not cost the team next season.
Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!!!!


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