Can Andre Iguodala Still Expect to be Traded When the NBA Lockout Ends?

By Mike Santa Barbara


The Philadelphia 76ers have given off some warm feelings as of late, a break from the norm during the NBA lockout. First, Elton Brand and the majority of the Sixers roster got together for an organized team work out last week in Los Angeles. Now, word from Head Coach Doug Collins that he and his staff plan to meet after Labor Day to review last season and prepare for training camp.

In the NBA lockout world Basketball fans are living in, it’s nice to see some team unity. However, while the Sixers are approaching this unusual off season like its business as usual, what can we expect when business can actually be done?

It’s no secret that Andre Iguodala was on the trade block, the Sixers decided to hold onto Iggy at the trade deadline but it’s doubtful his situation has changed. However, how and when the NBA lockout ends will have a lot to do with whether or not Iguodala is dealt or not.

What if both sides are able to agree to a deal before the start of the NBA season in November?

If the season were to miraculously start on time, its likely Iguodala could be dealt. Similar to the NFL lockout, teams will have a lot of things to do, and not much time to do it in.  However, unlike the NFL, NBA teams have fewer players, meaning fewer decisions to make. So, the possibility of Iguodala being traded is still there.

What if the season starts late, a la the 1998 lockout?

It would really depend upon how much time teams are given to make roster decisions. Chances are there wouldn’t be a lot of time to discuss trades and with new cap rules its unlikely teams would want to take on Iguodala’s contract.

What if the season is lost all together?

If the season is lost, teams will more than likely have an entire off season to digest the new cap rules. Another question is whether or not player contracts from the season that was lost count or not. If they don’t, it would leave Iguodala with possibly only one year left on his current contract. Iggy’s deal has a player option for 2013-14, one he’d likely take since it’s worth nearly $16 million dollars.

In this situation, the 76ers may keep Iguodala considering their other big contract, Elton Brand’s, will be coming off the books after the 2012-13 season.

Iguodala did his best to clear up the comments he made after the 76ers were eliminated from the playoffs by the Miami Heat. He’s even talked with Head Coach Doug Collins, stating that the two were “good.” Now, he’s a part of organized team workouts during the lockout. Certainly seems like a guy who wants to be a part of the Philadelphia 76ers franchise. Maybe it’s because the Sixers have time and time again reached out to Iggy to assure him that he’s wanted.

While he may be wanted, his massive contract will always keep his name alive in trade rumors. Along with big money contracts comes big money expectations, one’s Iguodala unfortunately can’t live up to. Make no mistake, Iguodala is valuable, he’s a terrific defender and a double-double machine. However, Iguodala is paid like a superstar, something he is not. The 76ers have to figure out whether or not the positives out-weigh the negatives when they ponder trading Iguodala. Iguodala can certainly help the Sixers, but unless he’s bringing a championship to Broad Street, his contract will continue to weigh this team down.


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