Los Angeles Lakers Derek Fisher Texts Players To Be Ready For Start Of The Season: This Is Great News

By Rob Nelson





A couple months ago
the 2011-2012 NBA season looked bleak. The owners and David Stern made it clear
that they were prepared to lose the entire NBA season in order to get the hard
salary cap the owners felt that they needed to have to keep every NBA franchise
financially stable and capable of contending. Stern and his billionaire mafia
wanted to make sure places like Charlotte and Indiana continued to survive and
possibly thrive. The players made it clear that any hard cap was not an option
and salaries were going to continue as status quo. The gap between the two
sides was in the billions and this meant the season was at least going to be


Not so
fast folks. After a few solid weeks of negotiations the gap must be shortening
pretty fast. First the vice president of the NBPA Roger Mason tweeted that it
looks like the season is on and now President of the NBPA Derek Fisher has
texted numerous players to be ready in case the season starts on time.  These reports are coming from the always
credible Sports Illustrated.


This is
unbelievable news for basketball fans. The past few months have had nothing,
but doom and gloom. These recent glimmers of hope for not only having a season,
but one that is in its entirety and on time is music to a fans ear. Stay tuned
to Rant Sports for any other updates on this breaking story.



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