Boston Celtics Kevin Garnett Continues To Lead During Lockout: The Band Is Getting Together

By Rob Nelson

I’m going actually to the East Coast sometime soon and I am actually going to
try to get everybody together just to be in the same area,’’ he
said. “I see that Paul was in China. I’ll probably bump into Ray and Rondo while
I’m on the East Coast just to see what’s going on. I’ll probably talk to
[Jermaine O’Neal]. “It’s not a lot of guys, but we’ll try to get the four if not five [starters]
together just to interact, but, yeah, it’s been difficult.’’

Kevin Garnett Courtesy Of The Boston Globe



There are many problems that face an NBA team during the
lockout. However, there is one issue that many people over look. The problem is
that the players are not required to get together. They lose the opportunity to
interact with each other, form stronger bonds, and try to meld their games
together through team practices and workouts. People just assume that guys have
played basketball their entire careers, have played with each other on various
teams, and it is as simple as picking up a ball and getting to the court. There
is nothing further from the truth. These guys have their games change every
year. An example is KG is not the same guy that he was five years ago on
offense. The guys must realize what KG can and cannot do and get used to that.
Rajon Rondo has added to his game. If Rondo ahs indeed improved his jump shot,
then that is another wrinkle that players must be used to. This means that the
players need time to get together to mold their games together into one team
concept that translates into success. These wrinkles are just minor ones because
the core four have played together for four years now. The time lost trying to
get Jermaine O’Neal incorporated could be huge. JO was on the roster last
season, but the man missed most of the year with injuries.

great news for Boston is Kevin Garnett appears to be ready to take charge and
get the boys together. Once again KG is leading the way. Garnett will at least
get the starters together to practice and get used to each others’ new games
heading into 2011- 2012 season within the next few weeks. This practice time will
be valuable should the lockout end quickly and put the Celtics not as much
behind in practice time and team building. If the starters are ready, they can
lead the way for the rookies like JuJuan Johnson and the rest of the bench that
Ainge assembles. NBPA Union Chief Derek Fisher’s recent texts suggests that
this lockout could be over sooner than people think.  Stay tuned for more news on these get team
gatherings as it happens. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!!!!!!


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