Ex Warriors Coach Takes Over in Minnesota

By danielburt

Rick Adelman is taking the reigns as the Minnesota Timberwolves’ head coach. I am not surprised that the Timberwolves went with Rick Adelman over, also ex Warriors coach, Don Nelson.

I think Don Nelson’s way of running a team has passed it’s time. He once was thought of as a great coach but now I think the NBA realizes that he is just too set in his ways to ever succeed. He has alienated too many players and has shown that while his Nellie Ball does work it has it’s flaws and they are flaws Nelson has never attempted to fix. I believe these issues gave Rick Adelman the upper hand.

To be fair to Adelman he also deserves the job on his own merit. He has turned several franchises into good playoff teams and has done a fantastic job working with what he is given. He is very good at getting the best out of every player.

I wish he had been given more of a chance when he was with the Warriors. He is the kind of guy who I think could have built a solid franchise. Although he still would have had to overcome Cohan. It’s probably for the best for him that Adelman moved on. I look forward to seeing what Adelman can do with a very upgraded Minnesota team.

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