NBA Players: Lockout Sending You to the Poorhouse? Kobe's Got Your Back

By Mike Santa Barbara

With labor negotiations between the owners and players union at a stand-still, an important time is creeping closer. Before too long NBA players will start missing paychecks, an obvious point of leverage held over their heads by the owners. The idea is that when the paychecks stop coming, players will take the deal NBA owners want.

Who will save these soon to be broke and homeless NBA players? The Black Mamba of course.

According to, Union Chief Billy Hunter says Kobe is “interfacing with colleagues and sharing in a pool of revenue to help the others get through (the lockout.)” Hunter goes on to say that Kobe has volunteered to loan player’s money in the event that the lockout goes on long enough.

While players aren’t schedule to receive their first paychecks until November 15th, the bank of Kobe is seemingly open for business. It’s a nice gesture, and the kind of togetherness the union not only needs but would like to portray. Would Kobe actually lend money to players? Sure, it’s not like he doesn’t have enough to go around. Also, by Kobe coming out and saying he would, it opens the door for other NBA stars of his caliber to do the same. This paints a picture of a strong and stable players union, one that’s ready to fight for the long haul. Something tells me the owners are definitely willing to see just how long the players are able to stay one happy family.


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