Boston Celtics Fans Get Bad News: Lockout Has Pushed Oct. 4th Training Camp And Preseason Start Back

By Rob Nelson

The lockout is about to start inflicting damage on the preseason schedule — and neither players nor owners can say what will happen to the real games.

Courtesy Of Ric Bucher ESPN

The hope and optimism that the NBA labor deal getting done
in time to have a full season is starting to lose the luster that it once had.  The early reports of NBPA head emailing and
texting the players to be ready for the start of the season had given many hope
the two sides would come together and end this lockout sooner than later. That
good feeling came to a crashing halt as ESPN is breaking the news that the NBA
is pushing back both the start of training camp and the start of the preseason.
This is the first sign that this lockout is going to ravage some the NBA season
and cost the passionate fans in Boston and the rest of the fans in the cities
of the NBA the game they truly love. I cringe at the idea of not strapping in
for the roller coaster ride of the Celtics NBA season. I might not get to enjoy
talking Celtics and the growth of Rondo’s game.  I get a little depressed that I cannot once
again enjoy the epic collapse of LeBum James in 2012. I might get robbed of a
year of watching superstars like D-Rose, Dwight Howard, CP3, Carmelo, Durant,
and Dirk do the jaw dropping and spectacular highlight reel plays that help get
me through my work week. I might also lose playoff basketball. Playoff
basketball to me is like crack to a crack addict. All this might be lost due to
a few people being unwilling to compromise and that makes me sick.

good news is that both sides are continuing to meet and are even scheduled to
get together next week.  The players and
the NBA owners both realize what is at stake. The popularity of the game is
growing. Right now all the major media markets have great teams (Boston, New
York, Chicago, Orlando, Miami, San Antonio, Dallas, and LA) are very good teams
with a legitimate shot at an NBA title. The money being generated from TV and
merchandise revenue is at an all time high. However, all the growth in the game
will be killed with this labor dispute in the after math of a long lockout. The
great “money pie” that they are fighting for will be considerably smaller
should the NBA be forced to miss any significant portion of the schedule. Since
both sides realize these facts, there is still hope for a season. However, time
is not the 2011-2012 NBA seasons’ friend. I pray these millionaires and
billionaires will get the job done. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!!!!!

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