Kobe Bryant Offered 6.7 Million Dollar Deal by Italian Team

By Riley Schmitt

After yesterday’s announcement that the NBA has postponed the start of training camp, it looks like the NBA will miss some games.  Some players have already signed deals to play overseas for this coming season, but not many superstars have taken that chance.  However, one of the biggest stars has a huge offer for next season.  The Italian team Vitrus Bologna has offered Kobe Bryant a one year, 6.7 million dollar deal to play in Italy next season.  This contract would have an out clause that would allow him to leave for the NBA once it resumes.

I could easily see Kobe taking this deal.  He grew up in Italy and is familiar with the culture.  He would easily be the biggest basketball star there.  He could help Virtus win its first title since 2001 and  it could become a possible landing spot for when he retires from the NBA.  Kobe has plenty of options right now, but I believe this Italian league offer is the most appealing one so far.  If Kobe believes that playing in Italy will keep him in shape to pursue his sixth ring, you can bet any amount of money that he will join the club.

We will keep you updated as this story develops.

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