Golden State Warriors Hire a new President

By danielburt

Hail to the Chief! The Golden State Warriors hired Rick Welts as their new president. Welts comes to the Warriors after leaving his job as the Phoenix Suns president earlier this month. Rick Welts was the first openly gay senior sports executive. Welts said he wanted to move to Northern California to be closer to his partner.

This is a good hire for the Warriors in my opinion. Welts is coming from a winning background and that is more of what this organization needs. Lacob and Gruber have done a great job bringing in people that just know how to win. Plus there is no way he will be any worse than Robert Rowell.

Guber and Lacob have done a good job of making this organization their own. They have wiped away the stink of Cohan. Let’s hope this new smell doesn’t create it’s own stink. I am pretty optimistic that this is the start of something special. Now if there was only a season to play.

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