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Boston Celtics Doc Rivers Loses “Brother” In Terry Francona: Doc Not First To Leave The Boston Coaching Fraternity

“It’s sad for me,” Rivers said. “For me, it’s like losing a brother.” “All  the coaches around here, we have a pretty good relationship,” Rivers  said. “We talk and we share. To lose that, is really sad.”

Courtesy Of CSNNE

The Boston sports coaching fraternity has long been
considered a tight knit group. The bond of winning in this tough media town has
really made it a true brotherhood. The tradition of excellence and winning that
was started by Patriots coach Bill Belichick
and his Super Bowl wins, continued with Terry Francona and his World Series
titles, followed up by Doc Rivers and the 08 NBA title, and capped with Claude
Julian’s Bruins capturing the Stanley Cup this year. The success of these men has
helped push each of them to strive for further greatness. However, everything
has a shelf life including great coaches. Terry Francona has met his in Boston
with the Red Sox. The loss leaves the other coaches including Doc Rivers
saddened that they will no longer have their brother.

The world does work out in very
mysterious ways. I always thought that Doc would be the first guy off the
Boston coaching island. Belichick is cemented as Patriots coach with a
tradition of winning. The Bruins had Claude in hot water, but the team always
seemed to stick by him and knew his defensive style would come up big in at least
one playoff season. Did anyone think at the beginning of this season that Terry
Francona (the man that won 2 World Series Titles after an absurd title drought)
would win 90 games and get let go?

Me thinking Doc would be the first man off the island is not because I
felt Doc was a bad coach. I feel there are few coaches that do the job that Doc
does. He is a master defensive coach and has the respect of most NBA players.
His NBA title has cemented him as a coach that can manage talent. The man
easily forged the games and egos of his three superstars to win a title. This is
no easy task. I just believed the factors of his family, coaching this veteran
team, and better offers would spell his doom. Doc could have been the first man
off this Boston coaching island years ago. He stayed on and honored his
contract after the devastating loss of the 2010 NBA Finals. Doc could have left
this season with his contract up. The “Big Three” aging and an uncertain future
in store for the Celtics meant there might be better offers out there for the
Celtics coach. The great news for Celtics fans is he stayed. I hope Terry is
one of the last off the island. If the 2012 reload goes to plan, he will be a
very celebrated coach for his winning accomplishments. Remember Go Green or Go