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Boston Celtics Entire Preseason Canceled: The Season Will Start Losing Real Games Next Week



was a terrible day for any fan of the NBA. Once again the businessman owners
and fraternity of players failed to come to their senses and get a deal done. The
financial gap is still wide with the players asking for 53 percent of the
funds. The owners counter with a 50/50 split on revenue. My take is simple. The
owners should get a lion share of the money. They own the teams and deserve the
right to make a profit. The players are paid well and should take the generous
offer of a 50/ 50 split that is on the table. True without the players, there
would be no NBA, but the reality is that owners of companies make money off
their employees and their work. That is standard business practice. The result
of this labor war is the NBA has cancelled the entire preseason due to the lack
of movement on the labor agreement. If that news was not bad enough, Stern also
announced that if no deal was signed by Monday, the first two weeks of the
regular season would also be lost.

bottom line is it is crunch time. The players and owners need to come to a deal
to save this season. If the lockout continues and the season is lost, the money
pie that these players and owners are trying to get a bigger piece of will be a
lot smaller and the deal will be less money than the 50 percent offered now due
to the loss of revenue streams from the fans tuning out. I hope the sides wake
up and realize this. If not, the future goes form bright in the NBA to bleak
very quick. Remember Go Green or Go Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!