Soon-To-Be Free Agent Shannon Brown Wants A Bigger Role: Will He Leave The Lakers?

By Matt Wagner

The NBA is in the midst of a lockout with no end in sight, but Laker guard Shannon Brown has made his intentions known.

Brown wants to be on a “team that is a contender to a championship,” and he also desires “lots of playing time.”

The fan favorite will be an unrestricted free agent when the lockout comes to an end, which begs the question, “Will a two-time NBA Champion in Shannon Brown ultimately leave the Los Angeles Lakers?” The Michigan State alumnus is clearly displeased with his current status, and he also implied that Los Angeles is no longer a contender, starting a path toward a public relations nightmare for Brown and his agent if he opts to return to the Lakers.

However, Brown also wants “lots of playing time” on a contender, a goal that could be an unreachable feat for him.

Despite Shannon being a good role player, it is definitely questionable if he could be a good, consistent starter on a top team. There are definitely more reliable options than Brown as he could improve his defense as well as his offensive range. I doubt that a team such as the Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder, Los Angeles Lakers, et cetera, would be willing to pay Brown a starter’s salary and put him as the number one starter on a consistent basis. 

Despite the aforementioned facts, I believe that Brown will leave the Lakers in free agency, whenever that time may come as a result of the prolonged lockout, the second in major sports in a matter of months.

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