The City Of Memphis Could Sue The NBA Over The Lockout

By Matt Wagner

The city of Memphis is considering suing the NBA over their ongoing lockout, which has now stretched to 110 days.

Memphis taxpayers will lose a bevy of money if the NBA lockout continues to remain intact as citizens could be forced to pay $18 million if the NBA losing an entire season because of the current labor uncertainty, according to early estimates.

The city has relied on revenue in order to pay off the bonds used to build the Memphis Grizzlies’ FedEx Forum, a luxury that will be unavailable if the lockout continues.

As to why Memphis is considering a lawsuit, the city has said it wants to be proactive, rather than be silent throughout this process. At a result of a suggestion by Chairman Myron Lowry, the city council is considering a resolution that states that they desire City Council Attorney Allan Wade to explore all available options, including filing a lawsuit against the National Basketball Association.

Chairman Lowry mentioned regarding the decision that he wants “the citizens of Memphis to know that we’re not sitting by idly, waiting for this to hit us and for us to say we’re sorry.”

The resolution passed by an 8-3 council vote Tuesday night, however it remains to be seen if Wade will ultimately sue the NBA.

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