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Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo Has Halloween Picture Contest

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Rajon Rondo

@RajonRondoRajon Rondo
Send me your best Halloween costume photos and the winner will receive a new pair of Nike shoes #basketballneverstops
Rajon Rondo Via Twitter

Once again Rajon Rondo is giving back to his fans. This time
he posted via twitter that he would be giving away a pair of Nike shoes to the
person that sends him the best Halloween costume picture. A lot of guys give a
lot of stuff away, but none more than Rondo. Whether it was his Red Bull give
aways, autographed pics or sneakers, or chances to meet him Rondo has been busy
giving during the off season. Send in your pics and good luck. Remember Go
Green or Go Home!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Favorites
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