Boston Celtics Shaquille O'Neal Continues To Fuel Feud With Kobe Bryant: Enough Already Shaq

By Rob Nelson

So I’m on edge because I don’t have a new deal, and Kobe is on edge  because he might be going to jail, so we’re taking it out on each other.  Just before the start of the ’03-’04 season the coaching staff called  us in and said, “No more public sparring or you’ll get fined.” … Phil  was tired of it. Karl Malone and Gary Payton were sick of it. … So  what happens? Immediately after that Kobe runs right out to Jim Gray and  does this interview where he lets me have it. He said I was fat and out  of shape. He said I was milking my toe injury for more time off, and  the injury wasn’t even that serious. (Yeah, right. It only ended my damn  career.) He said I was “lobbying for a contract extension when we have  two Hall of Famers playing pretty much for free.” I’m sitting there  watching this interview and I’m gonna explode. Hours earlier we had just  promised our coach we’d stop. It was a truce broken. I let the guys  know, “I’m going to kill him.”

An excerpt from Shaq Uncut Courtesy Of Deadspin

The recent excerpts from Shaq’s new autobiography “Shaq
Uncut” have once again given the public new information into the now legendary
Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal feud. However, something happened that shocked
me. I had zero desire to hear any more details of this childish fight. I have
officially had enough of the Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal feud.  Since the only guy that appears to be carrying
the torch for this is Shaq, I want him to let it go. Show some dignity and stop acting like a disgruntled

and foremost I do realize that Shaq is trying to sell books and make money. I
understand that juicy stuff like this excerpt is going to sell more books. The
problem is that everyone already knows this story. True that we do not know
every detail, but the bottom line is the story ends the same. Shaq and Kobe
cannot coexist because Kobe wants to be more than Shaq’s sidekick. Kobe has
dreams of being Jordan like. Shaq is also not willing to be Kobe’s sidekick yet
due to the fact that he is still the most dominant big man in the NBA. The
result was an epic clash of egos that imploded the Lakers championship teams. Who
knows how many more titles that these men could have attained together? The
Lakers chose Kobe and traded Shaq. Shaq became very bitter. Kobe became Jordan
like in a much smaller scale. Shaq won a title in Miami and then became a
journeyman. The jabs have been going on now for almost a decade. Enough already
Shaq. No more jabs are needed. I get the fact that you have issues with Kobe. I
get you are angry that he cost you more rings. I get you feel that he caused a
lot of problems due to his massive ego. I have heard it all before, but in a different
package.  Someday maybe Shaq will drop
this. However, I got a feeling as long as there is money to be made and some
attention to be grabbed that Shaq will continue to spew venom at Kobe. Remember
Go Green or Go Home!!!!!!!!!


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