Boston Celtics Paul Pierce And Rajon Rondo Share Halloween Pictures

By Rob Nelson

casualty of the lockout seems to be the usual team Halloween party that the
Boston Celtics have. There will be no group shots of crazy costumes or zany
antics like Shaquita last year. However, at least Paul pierce and Rajon Rondo
hit their Twitter and Facebook accounts and gave us a little taste of Halloween
Celtics style with happy and safe Halloween wishes. Pierce posted pics of his
family dressed up in a Disney’s Toy Story theme with Pierce dressing the part
of Buzz Lightyear. Rondo was getting the better of Mike Meyers in his shot. The
lockout rages and the fans continue to lose. I just hope the hardliners get
dropped fromt eh negotiations soon so there is nothing else the fans lose.
Remember Go Green or Go Home!!!!!!!!!!!!

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