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Billy Hunter: “High Probability No NBA Season”

The NBA owners and players can not seem to find a plan that works for both sides, as the players have now rejected the owners latest offer.

I should say counter-offer of a previous counter-offer. Both sides just can’t get things straight and now it’s costing everyone more money. The NBA is in jeopardy of losing a major portion of their fanbase. Kids don’t care about the lockout, they want to watch basketball. College basketball will see a spike in viewership guaranteed.

The picture above featuring Mark Cuban’s t-shirt message is symbolic to the NBA at this current moment….”The Time Is Now,” please take your own advice Mr. Cuban and agree to a deal.

Billy Hunter told’s David Aldridge on Monday afternoon in regards to the upcoming NBA season possibly being cancelled, “not a possibility, a high probability there will be no NBA season,” said Hunter.

At what cost to the game is the current lockout? We are going to find out very soon. The NBA popularity was at its best since Michael Jordan’s final season with the Bulls during his 1998 campaign. Of course, the NBA followed that season up with its least watched season in 1999 due to the lockout which cancelled 30 NBA regular season games following Jordan’s retirement. The league is once again on the verge of a disaster if the two sides can’t kiss and make up soon.

The players are at a point where they need to just accept the offer on the table and move forward with their losses. Instead, they are going to be greedy and stubborn. David Stern is going to continue to be smug and arrogant to players and attorney’s, making it impossible to strike a deal. The owners will remain steadfast in their demands, while refusing to compromise at most turns. No matter how you look at this nightmare of a lockout…the end is no longer near.