Boston Celtics Danny Ainge Does Not Have An Answer In Allen Iverson

By Rob Nelson

The once a year Allen Iverson to the Boston Celtics rumor is in full swing right now. According to Mr. Iverson’s agent, he is very attracted to the idea of playing in Boston. Allen loves the class organization run by Danny AInge and Doc Rivers and the great veteran cast. The former scoring champion even professed his desire to accept a bench role in Boston. The fact this once proud warrior has finally accepted the fact that he is no longer the player that he once was and swallowed his humble pie is proof that everyone is humbled in this great game. Many Celtics media circles are championing this move. Iverson could be the man to give Boston some scoring punch off the bench. However, I am here to set the record straight and make it crystal clear that Iverson is not “The Answer” in Boston.
The surface of this signing looks great. Iverson is a former scoring machine that still has some life in his body to bring some scoring punch. His jump shot by all accounts is still lethal. The problem is Iverson is not the same scorer that he once was. The years of pounding on his small frame have really taken a bit out his game. Iverson no longer can drive the way that he used to. Getting open for his shot is just not as easy for the future hall of famer.
Scoring is not event he biggest issue. Iverson’s biggest problem is he is not a great defender. Even if he lights it up off the bench, the Celtics will be hard pressed to hide him on the defensive end. Allen just does not have the size to defend at the NBA level. His age has slowed him down and he can no longer use his speed to compensate for his lack of size. I also believe that he could have issues in the tough Boston defensive help schemes.

Iverson is not the answer. Their own free agent Delonte West is the right answer. West is a great defender that can guard both shooting guards and point guards. He also has a solid offensive game that includes a mid range shot, a long range shot, a post game, and can score off the drive. West thrived during his brief stints on the court last season in between injuries. He has earned another opportunity next season to don the green. The Celtics will not sign them both and West is clearly the better fit. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!!!!

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