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Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo And Paul Pierce Say Players And Owners Want Basketball: Time For Them To Prove It

“Everybody’s itching to play basketball,” Rondo said. “Everybody wants to see basketball, even both sides. The owners want to see us out there playing and the guys want to be out there playing as well. Hopefully we can come to some type of agreement before it’s too late. It’s a simple matter of just compromising.”

“I think both sides want to play,” said Pierce. “I think both sides are equally losing. I believe (the owners) want us to be on the court and we want to be on the court.”
Rajon Rondo And Paul Pierce Courtesy Of ESPN

The charity game that Rajon Rondo put on in Harvard was a very entertaining game in the all star game meets Harlem Globetrotters style. It was a great treat for the starving basketball fans of Boston. However, the comments made by Rajon Rondo and Paul Pierce regarding the fact that both sides of this labor dispute are losing were the most important events for fans that evening.
It is time for Rondo and Pierce to let their actions speak louder than there words do. Both sides need to compromise more. The owners need to let the leash off the players in trying to restrict their movement during free agency. The players need to understand that they need to be restricted more in free agency. The answer is in the middle and the sides must find it. However, Pierce and Rondo need to get the players on board with a compromise. Their words are nice, but actions and meetings with the owners instead of lawsuits would mean more. Until they show more faith, the real losers are not owners and players. The fans that have made these men very wealthy are the real losers in this dispute. Remember Go Green or Go Home!!!!!!