Derrick Rose Is More Valuable Than Lebron James

By Living Baseball

Even though this is the NBA lockout, and there likely won’t be a season…there is no reason to discuss why Derrick Rose is the most impressive player in the NBA for a reason that hasn’t been talked about.

I love the fact that Derrick Rose isn’t playing in these ridiculous all star games, and is just sticking himself in the gym to work on his game. That is extremely impressive for any player let alone a 22 year old kid who wants to be the best.

Lebron James might get the most hype in the NBA, but that is exactly why he isn’t. Everyone talks about Lebron being the next Jordan etc. but he has proven time and time again he doesn’t have the killer mentality a true champion has. He might get a ring or 2 but there is just no comparison.

It saddens me that Lebron James has some of the best physical gifts in the history of the game of basketball, and he wastes it. I guarantee that Lebron James will come back as the same player…not better. Derrick Rose is going to come back a better basketball player because that’s all he’s doing. Working on his game in a gym where he can get better.

I can’t wait until this lock out is over because Derrick Rose is going to be the best player in the NBA.

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