Boston Celtics Danny Ainge Is Shopping Glen Davis: The Reasons

By Rob Nelson

The Boston Herald is reporting the Celtics are shopping Glen Davis and Davis is looking for his own new home as well. This news should surprise no one that has followed Glen Davis from last season on. Davis had an up and down year that culminated in the man being a complete non factor come playoff time. The reasons for this no show were in between Davis’s ears. The mind issues had Boston complaining about everything from his weight (judging by photos it looks like Davis has added weight this off season) to Davis fitting in with the team’s schemes.
The restricted free agent has had some great moments in green, but the lack of effort last season and not wanting to fit into Doc Rivers intended role for him has Davis on the very moveable list. The shame is Davis is a very talented player with big game capability. Davis can play with high energy off the bench and be a real spark plug for this team. Davis also has shown he can hit big shots in clutch situations like some of his big time playoff exploits. However, Davis thinks he is better than he really his. The fact is Davis is an undersized power forward that needs to play with energy to be successful. Davis thinks he can be a frontline scorer. Since he wants to be that guy, Boston is not his home for the future.
The Boston Celtics have other holes on their roster that trading Davis could help fill. The team only has about six guys under contract. The Celtics could possibly get the center they need or the scorer off the bench for Davis. Due to the fact that Davis has had some success in big moments and the fact that he is young, means a team would be willing to deal a solid piece for his services.
The other interesting part of this is the development of one JaJuan Johnson. The Celtics love what the rookie brings to the table and feel that he can take some of Davis’s minutes. Johnson is a natural shot blocker with length and many in the organization feel that he would be an upgrade defensively over Davis. Johnson also has a great elbow jump shot and solid inside moves. This means the Celtics might have struck gold in their draft selection and made Davis expendable.
The bottom line is Davis is a restricted free agent. Ainge can match any offer and that means that Davis will need to be signed and traded to leave Boston. The sad truth is Boston would be better with Davis. However, only the Davis that excepts his role and performs the way Doc Rivers needs him to. Since I do not see Baby changing his image of himself, I believe Davis will be traded elsewhere next year. I hope that Johnson can give the team what Davis was not willing to. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!

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