Boston Celtics Danny Ainge Need To Look Jason Richardson's Way

By Rob Nelson

Last season the Boston Celtics had serious issues getting any offensive production from their bench. Granted guys like Delonte West, Jermaine O’Neal, and Shaq were hurt most of the year, Jeff Green came too late to learn the system and contribute the way the team needed, and Glen Davis went AWOL mentally, but those excuses do not matter. The basic fact is Boston needed a solid bench to give the core “Big Three” the rest they needed during the year. The team also needed the bench to contribute come playoff time to get by the top heavy Miami Heat. Ainge knew this and his moves did not work out and thus Banner 18 was lost.
In order to truly compete for an NBA title in 2012 Boston needs to get serious and get some scoring punch off the bench. The Celtics will probably have Delonte West (agent made it clear that Boston is first choice) and Jeff Green (do you really believe Ainge would give this guy up after making the trade?) back next year. Provided Delonte West can stay healthy and Green comes in with an aggressive scorer’s mentality, this will help Boston’s second unit big time. However, this is not enough offense. The fact that Dallas had multiple shooters and Boston did not is why they beat Miami and Boston was sent packing by the Heat. The Celtics need that shooter off the bench that can both stretch the floor and carry the load offensively at times. If they have a guy like that it will open up lanes for Green to operate in the low post and for Delonte to drive the lane and create. The good news is that man is out on the block and looking for a team that can compete for a title. He has even made it clear that he would play for a discount for that opportunity. The man I am referring to is none other than 10 year veteran scorer Jason Richardson.
Jason Richardson has always been an effective NBA scorer. He has a sweet stroke from mid to long range. In fact Richardson shot 49 percent from three point range last season. Jason can also drive the lane still and score off the drive. During his ten seasons he has averaged 18 points per game. Last season he was averaging 19 points a game for the Suns before being dealt to Orlando. The move to Orlando was an adjustment and Richardson still found a way to score 14 points game in the new system. Richardson would be the perfect veteran shooter to come in and play with West and Green off the Boston bench.
The good news is he has said he would play for a discount. Boston has the mid level exception at 3 million to play with. I do not know if he is willing to go that low, but Ainge should find out. If the Celtics can land Richardson, it would greatly improve the chances for Banner 18. I am sure Ainge knows this and has already targeted the veteran scorer. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!!!!!!

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