1990's NBA Legends to Play Exhibition Game in China

By Riley Schmitt

Just because the NBA lockout is over, that doesn’t mean basketball exhibitions have to end.  Per The Basketball Jones, a group of NBA stars from the 1990s will head to China to play an exhibition game.  Some of the stars include Scottie Pippen, Gary Payton, Penny Hardaway, and Dennis Rodman.

This is a perfect way to raise money if that’s what this is for.  The young NBA fan in me loves this list, but is confused by some of the names.  Voshon Leonard and Mark Blount?  Were Eddie Jones and Anthony Mason unavailable?  Other than that, there are some real big names on the list.

My main concern is that this game will turn into a rec league game.  Not the fun rec league games with lots of scoring, but the type of game that the old guys play where everytime you drive the lane, you get charlie horsed or an elbow to the windpipe.  Some of these players are approaching 50 years old and I don’t think competitive basketball is the best thing to do health wise.  Either way, I hope this is televised so I can get to watch some of the NBA stars that I watched once upon a time.

Thanks to the The Basketball Jones for the info and photo

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