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Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo To Be Traded: Very Doubtful

The internet is absolutely buzzing right now about the Boston Celtics possibly willing to deal their budding super star point guard in Rajon Rondo. ESPN’s Chris Broussard broke this story and the blogs are rolling out the news. Many in Celtics Nation are asking how could Danny Ainge think of dealing the alleged future franchise player in the young and gifted Rondo. Although Rondo has struggled with his shot at times, he clearly will improve that over time and has shown that he can dominate a game despite that flaw. The reality is Celtics Nation needs to relax because Rondo is in all likelihood going nowhere.
The first reality is that we have always known Rondo is available for the right price, but so is Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and even Kevin Garnett. Danny Ainge has never been afraid to pull the trigger on a deal as long as he believes it makes the Celtics better in both the now and the short term. This means he is not going to trade Rondo for seventy five cents on the dollar or even four quarters for a dollar. This means that Rondo would be dealt in a package for either a Chris Paul or Dwight Howard. Not a lot of teams have a guy that is worth a top five NBA point guard with huge upside.

The report is the Celtics are looking for a scorer to take the load off Paul Pierce. This is puzzling given the fact the team I thought traded for Jeff Green for that reason. The Celtics would have to get a pretty talented player for Rondo. If he deals Rondo for a scorer like Broussard is reporting then the Celtics would have to deal for a point guard with either Jeff Green ( expendable if a scorer is landed) or Glen Davis. This means the team would be looking at a solid point guard and not just a veteran due to title aspirations (Steve Nash?).
The bottom line is all this is very unlikely like every other year the team is going to trade Rondo rumors have surfaced. Ainge wants a lot for the budding star knowing that he could be a guy the team builds around for years to come. However, if he does deal Rondo, the team will be getting a huge impact player offensively and be looking to deal for a star point guard in the veteran mold. This means if Rondo is dealt, I believe Boston will be better with any deal Ainge makes. However, my gut tells me Rondo is going to be wearing green for a long time. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!