Your Indiana Pacers 2011-12 Schedule Is Here!

By joshdhani

We’ve waited long enough! Here is your schedule, Pacers’ fans, for the upcoming season which tops off on the 26th as Indiana hosts the Detroit Pistons. In my opinion, the Pacers have a good chance of going undefeated for the first five games of the year, but once they hit Miami on the 4th, things may change.

Jared Wade at Eight Points Nine Seconds describes the Pacers’ schedule perfectly for this year:

Some fun facts:

  • 0 national TV games YET AGAIN despite making the playoffs last year (4 on NBA TV)
  • 15 of the first 22 games are on the road
  • 17 back-to-backs
  • 2 back-to-back-backs
  • 13 games during the first 22 days of February.
  • from 1/31-3/29, only 5 games are NOT part of either a back-to-back or a back-to-back-to-back.
  • major road trips from 1/18-2/3 with 8 of 10 away
  • GS, MIN and NO are the only Western Conference they play twice
  • UPDATE: One nice part about all the early road trips though: 7 of the last 10 are at home — and only 3 of those vs. 2011 playoff teams. (PHI twice and CHI in Conseco)
  • Another “positive”: Of the Pacers 6 games played in back-to-back-to-back sets, 4 are @WAS, @MIL, NJ, @CLE. The other 2 are PHX, MIA at home.
  • UPDATE II: I was under the impression virtually all teams had 2 back-to-back-to-back sets and some teams even have 3. That’s apparently not the case. In fact, Indy is only 1 of 10 teams with 2 sets. So … I guess the quote marks in that last bullet point don’t even really apply. Says Howard Beck of the New York Times: “The 10 unlucky teams w/ 2 sets of back-to-back-to-backs: Atl, Det, Ind, LAC, Minnesota, NJ, Philly, Phoenix, Portland and San Antonio.”

But anyways, here’s the schedule, via

Upcoming Games
December Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
 Fri 16  vs Chicago Preseason  7:00pm
 Tue 20  @ Chicago Preseason  8:00pm
 Mon 26  vs Detroit  7:00pm
 Wed 28  @ Toronto  6:00pm
 Fri 30  vs Cleveland  7:00pm
 Sat 31  @ Detroit  6:00pm
January Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
 Mon 02  @ New Jersey  7:30pm
 Wed 04  @ Miami  7:30pm
 Fri 06  @ Boston  7:30pm
 Sat 07  vs Charlotte  7:00pm  
 Mon 09  @ Philadelphia  7:00pm
 Wed 11  vs Atlanta  7:00pm
 Fri 13  @ Toronto  7:00pm
 Sat 14  vs Boston  7:00pm
 Wed 18  @ Sacramento  10:00pm
 Fri 20  @ Golden State  10:30pm
 Sun 22  @ LA Lakers  9:30pm
 Tue 24  vs Orlando  7:00pm
 Wed 25  @ Chicago  8:00pm  
 Fri 27  @ Boston  7:30pm
 Sun 29  @ Orlando  6:00pm
 Tue 31  vs New Jersey  7:00pm
February Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
 Wed 01  @ Minnesota  8:00pm
 Fri 03  @ Dallas  8:30pm
 Sat 04  vs Orlando  7:00pm  
 Tue 07  vs Utah  7:00pm
 Wed 08  @ Atlanta  7:30pm
 Fri 10  @ Memphis  8:00pm
 Sat 11  vs Denver  7:00pm  
 Tue 14  vs Miami  7:00pm
 Wed 15  @ Cleveland  7:30pm
 Thu 16  vs New Jersey  7:00pm
 Sun 19  vs Charlotte  6:00pm
 Tue 21  vs New Orleans  7:00pm
 Wed 22  @ Charlotte  7:00pm
 Tue 28  vs Golden State  7:00pm
March Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
 Sat 03  @ New Orleans  8:00pm
 Mon 05  @ Chicago  8:00pm
 Tue 06  vs Atlanta  7:00pm
 Sat 10  @ Miami  7:30pm
 Sun 11  @ Orlando  6:00pm
 Tue 13  vs Portland  7:00pm
 Wed 14  vs Philadelphia  7:00pm
 Fri 16  @ New York  7:30pm
 Sat 17  vs New York  7:00pm
 Tue 20  vs LA Clippers  7:00pm
 Thu 22  @ Washington  7:00pm
 Fri 23  vs Phoenix  7:00pm
 Sat 24  @ Milwaukee  8:30pm
 Mon 26  vs Miami  7:00pm
 Wed 28  @ New Jersey  7:30pm
 Thu 29  vs Washington  7:00pm
 Sat 31  @ San Antonio  8:30pm
April Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
 Sun 01  @ Houston  7:00pm
 Tue 03  vs New York  7:00pm
 Wed 04  @ Washington  7:00pm
 Fri 06  vs Oklahoma City  7:00pm
 Sat 07  vs Boston  7:00pm
 Mon 09  vs Toronto  7:00pm
 Wed 11  @ Cleveland  7:00pm
 Fri 13  vs Cleveland  7:00pm
 Sat 14  @ Milwaukee  8:30pm
 Mon 16  vs Minnesota  7:00pm
 Tue 17  @ Philadelphia  7:00pm
 Thu 19  vs Milwaukee  7:00pm
 Sat 21  vs Philadelphia  7:00pm
 Mon 23  vs Detroit  7:00pm
 Wed 25  vs Chicago  7:00pm

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