Breaking News: Free Agent Point Guard J.J. Barea Close To Signing Four-Year Contract With Minnesota Timberwolves

By Matt Wagner

According to NBATV’s David Aldridge, one of the most sought after free agents on the market, J.J. Barea, is close to signing a four-year contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves. 

With the reported imminent signing of J.J. Barea, it would definitely create somewhat of a saga in Minnesota. General Manager David Kahn, who has been widely ridiculed and mocked for multiple occasions of seeming ineptitude throughout his tenure, finally convinced Spanish point guard Ricky Rubio to come over to the United States to join the franchise this season.

Rubio has been one of the most intriguing players in the world since he was drafted fifth overall in 2007, largely for him being relatively unknown. However, it is widely documented that he has shooting troubles although he is one of the best international players in terms of his passing ability. 

This could leave the door open for Barea to start for Minnesota this season, and it would finally give one of the best role players in the NBA an opportunity to start. Barea has shown that he can be a solid point guard for the past few seasons, showcasing his excellent decision making, defense, passing ability, and decent shooting. Essentially, I would call him a poor man’s Jason Kidd in his prime and I feel that the Timberwolves definitely acquired a solid addition to add to their young, struggling, but potential-filled team. 

Barea becomes the new addition to a solid nucleus which includes Kevin Love, Barea, and rookie forward Derrick Williams. 

Despite the Minnesota Timberwolves franchise’s recent struggles, the team does have a good, young core and could possibly become one of the sleeper teams in the Western Conference to garner an low seed and give a top seed some difficulty come playoff time in the next couple years, similar to the Memphis Grizzlies last season.

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