Black Mamba Would Look Good In Bulls Red

By Tony Piraro

Can you imagine Kobe Bryant with the Chicago Bulls? Playing below the No. 23 banner of the man he idolizes and patterned his game after on a nightly basis. The youngest MVP in NBA history, Derrick Rose, would finally have a running mate.

Byrant would be the best shooting guard to play in Chicago since Michael Jordan retired in 1998-99. I will not go as far to say he is the best Chicago Bull since MJ if he were to join, as to not disrespect Derrick Rose.

The question is, what would it cost the Bulls to land Bryant? How much would they have to give away to get a player with maybe 2-3 good years left in the tank? A few years ago, both teams went back and forth amidst swarming trade rumors. Bryant supposedly wanted Luol Deng to be part of the team in Chicago if he were to go there. However, the Bulls would of been ripped apart had they gone through with the trade.

But, if Luol Deng and Kobe Bryant would of teamed up in Chicago, the Bulls would of won more games and never landed Derrick Rose with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft. That is a situation Chicago fans don’t want to envision.

The Chicago Bulls would begin another dynasty if they could acquire Kobe Bryant without having to give away their core players. I would envision Luol Deng, Carlos Boozer, Rip Hamilton and Taj Gibson being involved in any deal. However, I could not imagine a situation where the Bulls would trade away Joakim Noah. The Bulls have a young, talented core…something Kobe Bryant has been looking for in Los Angeles. It almost seems like a perfect fit, almost.

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