Boston Celtics Jeff Green Is Still Not Cleared To Practice And More Information Is Coming Friday: This Sounds Bad

By Rob Nelson





Since signing his contract extension, Boston Celtics forward
Jeff Green Has yet to participate in practice due to the fact the team found a
medical issue during his physical. Green tried to quiet the rumors earlier in
the week by saying that that he was fine and not to believe any rumors to the
contrary, but the fact remains he still has not seen the floor due to this
mystery ailment. The Celtics are also being very quiet about this problem until
today (Thursday).  All the signs are
pointing to the fact that this cannot be good news for Jeff Green.


The fact the Celtics are not
putting all the cards on the table speaks volumes. The last time Danny Ainge was
this secretive about an injury it was Kevin Garnett’s serious injury in 2009. Ainge
refusing to comment until tomorrow tells me that this is not some take a couple
of weeks off to heal problem that goes away. Boston Celtics head coach Doc
Rivers recent comments pretty much in a nut shell sums up the entire situation
for every Celtics fan. If there was nothing really wrong then he would be playing
by now.


The Celtics are counting on Green
to provide some serious fire power off the bench. The Celtics believe that
Green can take a lot of the scoring burden off Rondo and “The Big Three”.  Those facts make any missed time by Green bad
news for the Celtics. Even the best case scenario that Green will be back soon
has already caused some damage in Green’s growth in the Celtics system. Green
is already being put in a bad situation by missing his first real training camp
that is already shortened to begin with. This means less time to gel with his
teammates and grasp the team concepts at both ends of the floor. The worst case
scenario of Green being out for some serious time would kill Boston’ s shot at
Banner 18.


Stay tuned until tomorrow where Danny Ainge
has promised a clear answer on Green’s issue. However, I am not feeling good
about the answer right now. Remember Go Green or Go Home!!!!!!!!!!


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