Hottest Ticket In Town: Lakers or Clippers?

By Tony Piraro

From the “Lake Show” to the “Blake Show.” With the recent trade by the Los Angeles Clippers for Chris Paul, they have become the hottest ticket in town over the legendary Lakers. I don’t believe this statement has ever been thought about by anyone before Wednesday nights trade. The berth of the next “Showtime” has begun in Los Angeles, and it has nothing to do with Kobe Bryant and company.

Now, the Clippers have Chris Paul running the show alongside Blake Griffin. However, don’t forget about the supporting cast highlighted by DeAnrde Jordan, Eric Bledsoe, Caron Butler, Mo Williams and the recent addition of Chauncey Billups. This team is going to fly up and down the floor, fast-breaking opponents to death. I can’t wait to see the match-up between the Lakers and Clippers…there will be a lot more Clipper fans this season, I can guarantee that.

Last season the Clippers showcased the powerful, athletic, human highlight reel known as Blake Griffin. This season, teams won’t be able to double-team him because there are too many weapons to defend on the Clippers. Did I just say that? Too many weapons, on the Clippers?!? Get used to it. With the addition of Paul, Los Angeles is an instant contender in the west. The conference has lost so much talent over the last season and a half, I wouldn’t be surprised if these guys made it to the conference semifinals or further.

One way or another, the Lakers are on their way down and the Clippers are surging on their way to the top. I never thought I’d see the day where the Lakers were the second-tier team in the city they placed on their backs for so many years. However, Blake Griffin changed the mindset of the town and Chris Paul will change the outcomes in the win column. Watch out for the Clip-show this season. Welcome to the “Blake Show.”

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