Rumor: Kobe Bryant Demands Trade

A few days after Lamar Odom was traded from his team, and a day after his beloved Lakers in-town rival dealt for Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant is now supposedly asking for a trade out of Los Angeles with a possible six suiters in desperate need for the Lakers superstar. Stephen A. Smith of ESPN believes Kobe Bryant will ask out, and is reporting that Kobe is “livid” with what is going on in LA.

The NBA is turning into a soap opera, but with daily emotional rants and trade demands instead of mysterious romances (or whatever happens in soap operas).

Bryant’s statements about the Lakers organization trading away a huge piece to their puzzle, Lamar Odom, were made public last week. The Black Mamba certainly was not pleased with the deal that sent Odom to the defending champions for nothing in return but future draft picks. Now,apparently  Bryant is fed up.

This is not the first time Kobe Bryant has allegedly requested a trade, nor will it be his last. I feel the Lakers will once again take Kobe’s latest bluff as a ploy to force the Lakers into making a big move for a proven star like Dwight Howard. In the end, Bryant is the only player in the NBA with a no trade clause, and can deny any deal that is made if he doesn’t like the parameters of the deal.

Kobe Bryant has been coddled in Los Angeles. He is spoiled. Every time he opens his mouth, he wants something to be done about it. I can understand his frustration though. The team that shares a city and arena with them has just traded for one of the best point guards in the game. The Clippers are now a formidable foe in the west.

And what did the Lakers do to combat moves made by other teams you ask? They traded away Lamar Odom for nobody that will be helping them this season. That is not good news for the Lake Show, amidst many other bad reports from that city in the past 24 hours. While the crosstown Clippers are getting younger and stronger, the Lakers are getting older and weaker. If Kobe were to ever leave Los Angeles, it will be full-blown rebuilding mode.

We will continue to update you on this developing story.

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    I’m calling your BS Tony Piraro. You didn’t site where you heard this. You’re one of those hacks making shhhhh up to create a story. Two people, one of them being Stephen A. Smith said they predict he will ask for a trade. But that’s about it. Now here you are making up a rumor saying that he’s asked for the trade. There’s two words for people like you. PHONY! ANNOYING!

    • Riley Schmitt

      it does say RUMOR in the title…

      • Tony Piraro

        Haha, thank you RS

    • gilgerard

      I’m pretty sure that he’s not saying Kobe DID anything. I’m pretty sure it’s speculation, and those…a rumor. Just like you’ll find on a million other sites within the hour.

      This is what sports news is about, if you don’t like it, don’t read anything on the internet.

      • ICALLBS

        “Kobe Bryant is now supposedly asking for a trade with six suiters…” He’s taking what other media outlets have reported and twisted it as if it may be a fact. When people say they “predict” you can’t go and say “he is now supposedly asking.” Thats making it seem if he may have asked already. And that’s the problem with writers today. Do research before you put your story out.

        • Tony Piraro

          I research everything I write. do you read everything completely or just read the first line you object to and make a misguided comment? I said there are at least six suiters who would be interested in attaining Kobe. Most likely, there are more!!!! I was be cautious….Thanks for the comment

          • Tyler E.

            Dude, it’s not even a rumor that he HAS requested a trade. There’s one rumor, from one guy who predicts that he will eventually request a trade. There is absolutely ZERO evidence that he has requested a trade and ZERO PROOF that he will. It’s just one single guy’s OPINION that he MAY request a trade. This title is very misleading and the whole piece turned into a joke because of it. I appreciate the fact that you probably worked very hard on this piece and I praise anybody who puts effort into what they do, but come on, man.

      • Tony Piraro

        Thank you for reading carefully and offering your own thoughts on the matter. It is so refreshing gilgerard to have someone actually read the entire article and understand what they just read, while not taking it out of context. I appreciate your intelligence in this matter.

    • Tony Piraro

      I was called a liar the other day when I wrote an article a day before Dwight Howard’s trade rumor to New Jersey was leaked…I do appreciate your read, but do not appreciate being called a phony. i am not making up anything and do not have to justify what the word rumor means.

  • Riley Schmitt

    some people really shouldn’t be granted internet access

    • Tony Piraro

      agreed. some people shouldn’t be granted access to their keypad on the computer in front of them

  • Tony Piraro

    Haha, ok. This response doesn’t seem very valid or well-supported. so, i am just going to move forward. thank you though for taking the time to call me a name while blocking out the characters that spelled out an inappropriate word. I said in the article that Kobe is the ONLY player in the NBA with a NO TRADE clause. maybe your reading too little and swearing too much. you need to reverse that, sir.

  • Tony Piraro

    wow, you went out of your way to name yourself Tony_Piraro? Thank you! I appreciate the recognition.

  • Beth


  • quickster007

    The lakers should trade Kobe for Deron Williams.

    • Tony Piraro

      quickster, i love that idea! thanks for the input. i think that would be as close to a straight up trade that you could get. actually, i can see the nets having more problems with that deal than the lakers. New Jersey would love to throw money at Kobe because they know he’d earn it back for them with tickets sold. Thanks for the input quickster

  • Lean Santos

    BS article. Crap like the writer.

    • Tony Piraro

      Thank you. I appreciate your support

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  • JG

    Come to Phoenix Kobe help Phoenix Suns win it’s first Championship.
    Gortat,Warrick,J Dudley,Sebastian Telfair and 1 #1 Draft pick for Kobe and Gasol. Suns starters Nash, Kobe,Lopez, Gasol,Grant Hill,
    Reserves, Shannon Brown ,Markeiff Morris Ronnie Price,

    Yeah I know it will never happen…..

  • allison y anderson

    It does not matter to me where Kobe goes because what ever team he chooses I am going to follow. I just love to see him play. I am a Kobe fan. I wish he can come to my town.

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  • Will

    Damn… and here I thought Bleacher Report writers were the kings of making stuff up.

  • Kobe Bryant

    Tony why you always making shit up about me bro, i will finish my career a laker.

    • Riley Schmitt

      Kobe Bryant’s email is heatfan134? LOL