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Boston Celtics Marquis Daniels Is Healthy And His Play Will Determine Boston’s Fate

The preseason game in Toronto between the Boston Celtics and
the Toronto Raptors was just a preseason game to most. However, to Celtics
reserve Marquis Daniels this meant so much more. This was the first time
Daniels has stepped on the floor since his horrific spinal injury that left many
wondering if Daniels would ever play again. Doctors said the surgery fixed the
problem and that Marquis should be a healthy for the first time in years.
Despite these claims, Daniels still needed to prove these claims true with his
play on the court. It was only game a preseason game, but Marquis looked like
the guy that stared for Indiana before signing with Boston making many believe
the Doctors may be right

Daniels played like a man that was
trying to prove that he not only could still play, but play very well. He used
his great slashing moves to the basket time and time again during the game. He
moved great without the ball as well and Rondo found him for easy baskets in
the paint He attacked the basket despite getting a lot of contact to his head
area. Daniels did not stop attacking the basket and that is why he finished
with a solid 11 points on an effective 5-7 shooting.   In short
he looked like the guy Boston thought they had in 2009 that was going to be the key to them  becoming champions once more.

The Celtics had a bad break with
Jeff Green being out for the season. This leaves a huge hole in the Celtics
bench at a very key position. The quality of play that Boston gets from the guy filling that hole is going to determine the Celtics title fate. The Celtics need a guy that can take some of the
scoring pressure off the “Big Four”. Daniels showed today that he has the tools
to be that guy.

They are going to need Daniels to play like
this all year in order to realize their title dreams.  They are going to need him to attack the
basket off the drive. They will need him to exploit the matchups in the post.
They need him to effectively defend small forwards and two guards. In short
they need him to be great as Paul Pierce’s backup. If Daniels is great, then
Boston can overcome Green’s loss and make a serious playoff push. If Daniels is
fragile and ineffective, the team will go nowhere again come playoff time.  Stay tuned to find out which Daniels they get.
Remember go Green or Go Home!!!!!!!!!!!