New York Knicks Contenders With Baron Davis

By Tony Piraro

The Baron Davis signing by the New York Knicks has instantly made them title contenders in the Eastern Conference. You must take my statement with a grain of salt, it all depends upon Davis and his terrible injury history. If the veteran all-star stays on the floor, the Knicks will stay in contention.

BD has a career average of 14 points per game, six assists a night and a little over three boards a contest. His overall career numbers are not mind-blowing, but you have to take into account the years he was hurt, played little do to coaching situations and was hampered by injury.

The season that Davis played the most minutes in his career (33 min per game) is when he averaged his best overall statistics. In 2006-07 with the Golden State Warriors, Davis scored 23 ppg, alongside eight assists and four rebounds per game. Those are superstar numbers from the point guard position. The ironic aspect is that Golden State is often referred to as the Knicks of the west with their up-tempo offensive schemes and lack of concentration on defense. BD will be a perfect fit in the New York offense.

Last season, in the face of a mid-season trade, injury, new offenses, etc. BD still was able to manage 14 ppg, 6 apg and 2 rpg in just 25 minutes of action a night in Cleveland. Proving, he still has plenty left in the tank at 32 years old.

When you team-up Amare Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler alongside Davis, you automatically become a title contender. Could they not mesh well together and be broken up by mid-January? Sure. That is always a possibility, but the Knicks now have the constraints to a winning future.

You need two superstars to win a title in the NBA. A third scorer is vital, especially one who has the upside and all-star ability like Baron Davis. The point guard will join Mike Bibby in the freestyle New York backcourt. Every team needs complimentary players and Davis is just that and a little more at this stage in his NBA career. If Bibby is running the point, don’t think BD will shy away from the shooting guard position. Davis has the ability to score at a high-rate and has never been afraid to shoot. The 32-year old will look to revitalize himself and a city starved for an NBA Championship.

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