RUMOR: New Jersey Nets to Trade for Dwight Howard on Tuesday

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The Dwight Howard trade drama may be heating up once again.  ESPN 710 host John Ireland is saying that a reliable source has told him that D12 will be going to the New Jersey Nets by Tuesday.  Reports originally had Dwight pegged for LA, but that was a mixup.

Ireland’s source was also correct on LeBron James and Chris Bosh going to the Miami Heat, so this source does have a reputation.

I believe that the Nets will be giving up Brook Lopez and a LOT of draft picks to add Dwight.  Pairing up Dwight with Deron Williams will make the Nets a formidable opponent in the Eastern Conference this year.

We will keep you updated on this rumor as it develops.

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  • Alan Leader

    It’s all typical Nets PR BS. There as much chance of Howard coming to the Nets as there is of a snowstorm in NJ in August. No All-Star signs willingly with the Nets. Howard, with the NBA’s encouragement, will end up in LA. Does no one remember Abdul Jabbar? Cinncinati to LA. Shaq? From Orlando (yes, Orlando) to the Lakers. And now Howard to the Lakers. That’s why the league didn’t OK the Chris Paul trade. And as a final comment…. those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

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  • candyee

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  • quickster007

    If Howard get traded to New Jersey Nets. It will be no different than the Orlando Magic. It will be like the Nets just become the Orlando Magic period.