Boston Celtics Keyon Dooling Has Won Doc Rivers Over

By Rob Nelson

 “I love him,” Rivers said. “I love him. I think we couldn’t have picked a better guy to back up (Rajon) Rondo — with his spirit, his knowledge, being a veteran, the fact he can make open shots. And he challenges Rondo every day in practice.“

Doc Rivers Courtesy Of Boston Herald

The Boston Celtics bench has always had one gaping hole in it since 2008. The fact remains that the team has never had a solid backup for point guard Rajon Rondo. Every year the guy behind Rondo has some form of issues. Eddie House was a great shooter, but could not dribble.  Sam Cassell was a shoot first point guard that struggled running the offense and defending. Stephan Marbury was too busy trying to be like Rondo instead of being himself. Nate Robinson was a decent shooter, but nothing else. Delonte West had too many issues staying healthy. Last season the time on the court finally caught up to Rondo is the increased minutes led to minor injuries all year.

The problem has gone on for so long that it is no wonder that Doc Rivers in a short amount of time has fallen in love with this year’s solution. When the Celtics acquired veteran point guard Keyon Dooling in a trade, they seem to have finally given Boston a solid option behind Rondo.  During an interview with the Boston Herald today Rivers absolutely gushes about his new point guard.

Rivers should be excited because Dooling brings a lot to the table. He may not be a name like Marbury or Robinson, but he can flat out play. The Celtics have a max effort guy now that knows his role and will give the Celtics everything he has. Dooling is more than capable of leading the second unit offense with great ball handling skills. He also can hit the open jumper and drive the lane to the basket. Dooling also fits the Boston Celtics defense first mentality because he is a tenacious defender that plays hard defense. He is clearly the best option
off the bench that Boston has had for Rondo.

The bottom line is Dooling may not be a known commodity in Boston. However, he has already won Doc’s affection. This means plan on Dooling getting a lot more notoriety and a place in Celtics’ fans hearts as well. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!!!!

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