Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo's Has New Jump Shot For Christmas

By Rob Nelson

One of the knocks on Rajon Rondo has been that he could not hit an elbow jump shot to save his life. The next knock after that is his pitiful just above fifty five percent free throw shooting. These knocks are what the critics cling to that say Rajon Rondo is not a top point guard in the NBA. This off season Rondo has worked hard to make those weaknesses a strength.
While in Kentucky during the lockout, one of Rondo’s missions was to get a more consistent jump shot. He shot jump shot after jump shot trying to get a better more fluid motion. The results were on display last night during the preseason win against Toronto. Rondo pulled up more than a few times and buried the elbow jump shot. His motions were a lot more fluid than last season. Gone was the jerky elbow on his shot and it was replaced with a fluid motion on the follow through of his shot. Rondo looked like a confident shooter.
The free throw line was even better. Rondo stepped to the line confidently and proceeded to drain five of his six free throws. His motion was again fluid and not rushed. Rondo took the time to line up his shot and with as little movement as possible released the ball for an almost textbook free throw.
The Celtics are going to need Rondo to take the next step and not just set the offense, but carry it. Rondo needs to be more of a scorer without the aging “Big Three” and the loss of Jeff Green. Last night was a great first step as his 17 points led the way as he confidently carried the scoring load.
Rajon Rondo put a lot of work in this off season. The results were great last night as he clearly was the best player on the court. If he can continue this style of play, the Celtics are going to be playing deep into June. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!

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