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2011-12 NBA Preview: New Orleans Hornets

If you thought the NBA lockout was long, the New Orleans Hornets offseason must have felt like an eternity especially with all the moves that did and didn’t happen. They’re main focus this offseason was to dump Chris Paul but get something valuable in return, they did just that, on the third try.

The Hornets initially had a deal to send Paul to the Lakers and receive a package of Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum, Kevin Martin (from Houston) and a few draft picks. The Hornets accepted but David Stern, along with help from other small market owners, declined the trade. That deal died.

Then it was to the other L.A. team, the Clippers. The Hornets sent Chris Paul to the Clippers for Chris Kaman, Eric Gordon, Al-Farooq Aminu along with a few draft picks.

The Clippers look set on contending in the west while the Hornets now are dwindling on existence. However, there is still a season to be played and hopefully Stern got someone interested in buying the team with the players he has put together.

Here is the projected lineup for New Orleans this season:

PG: Jarrett Jack
SG: Eric Gordon
PF: Chris Kaman
SF: Trevor Ariza
C: Emeka Okafur

On paper, the lineup the Hornets have put together seems like it could possibly be a winning team. It will take time for them to mesh together and in a stronger Western Conference, it will be hard for the Hornets to win this season.

Prediction: 14-52 (Fifth Southwest Division)