Boston Celtics Mickael Pietrus Is An Early Christmas Gift

By Rob Nelson

When Celtics small forward Jeff Green’s season was ended due
to his heart condition, the Celtics were left with a huge void at the position.
The very ineffective for the past few years Sasha Pavlovic and the often
injured Marquis Daniels were the only other small forwards on the roster. If
Daniels is healthy all year, then the Celtics have their backup, but after three
years could Celtics president Danny Ainge take that risk? The Celtics need to
limit Pierce’s minutes to ensure the fact that he is rested and ready for the
playoffs. The Celtics got the added depth they needed as they receive the
Christmas gift of the services of one Mickael Pietrus.

Piertrus was never really a great fit with the Suns and thus was viewed s a guy taking
minutes from someone else. Pietrus was waived by the Suns and has cleared
waivers. According to ESPN Boston, he will sign with the Celtics pending a
physical on Tuesday. This should not be a problem, but after the Jeff Green
fiasco, one cannot take anything for granted. Pietrus had some issues that
caused him to miss some time the last couple seasons. However, he is viewed as
healthy and ready to roll this year.

Pietrus is a perfect fit in Boston. During his time in Orlando with defensive coach
Stan Van Gundy, Pietrus was a pesky defender. His defensive per rating dropped
during his time with the Suns, but it would not be a shock that playing
alongside KG in a Doc Rivers system would have his numbers right back up. He is
listed as six foot six, but his arm’s length makes him seem much taller. He
uses those long arms to bother shot after shot.

The other beautiful part of Pietrus’s game is that he can slide over to the two
guard spot at times. Orlando did that against less athletic two guards and the
results were usually very good. Pietrus used his length to really bother the
smaller two guards. This strategy was employed against Boston during the 09
playoffs. Pietrus did a great job making things tough on Ray Allen at times.

Pietrus is a solid option to stretch the floor on the offensive end. The man has only
shot under thirty six percent from beyond the arc once in the last six years.
Pietrus makes his living like Ray Allen coming off screens and picks. If a
defense relaxes on him, he can hit the open shot. The evidence of this was the
08-09 playoffs during his time with Orlando. Mickael Pietrus hit some big shots
to help sink the Celtics.

The Celtics have filled their needs with Pietrus. The bench got a major boost with this
early gift. If Pietrus performs like he did during his time in Orlando, Boston
will be the deep team they need for a successful regular season. Even if he
does not perform as well, he has to be better than Pavlovic. Remember Go Green
or Go Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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