Los Angeles Lakers Keys To The Second Half: Los Angeles Lakers Vs. Sacramento Kings

By Matt Wagner

The Los Angeles Lakers are trailing the Sacramento Kings at halftime 49-40, and as the team finishes their effort to bounce back from an excruciating Christmas Day defeat at the hands of the Chicago Bulls, here are Los Angeles’ keys to the second half.

Improve Perimeter Defense

The Lakers are facing a deficit largely due to their lethargic perimeter defense. The team is failing to effectively close out and rotate on shooters, leading to the Kings shooting four of ten from the three point line. Particularly, the Lakers have to pay specific attention to Marcus Thornton, who is shooting 1 of 4 from three and 4 of 7 overall, the majority of which being mid range shots

Improve Shooting Efficiency 

Los Angeles is shooting a paltry 36 percent from the floor as they have relied on inconsistent three point shooting efforts in addition to attempting to use an up tempo style, which does not fit there veteranpersonnel. Los Angeles has to return to their standard half-court offensive scheme in order to succeed in the second half.

Continue to produce in fundamentals

Los Angeles is doing very well in rebounding, passing, moving without the ball, et cetera. As a result, the Lakers do not need to reinvent the wheel, but rather, continue to use the fundamentals to increase their chances at a comeback.

The Los Angeles Lakers are losing by nine at halftime, however if they accomplish these aforementioned three objective, Los Angeles can begin a solid comeback effort.

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